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Hi! My name is Anjali Shrivastava. 🧑🏻‍🎨 I grew up in the northern part of India, which is a very lovely place. ✨ When I was a little kid, I loved making stuff like beautiful paintings and funny cartoon drawings. I also really enjoy traveling to different places around the world.

I am creatively curious, and I enjoy exploring various design elements like colors, typography, layouts, and illustrations while always keeping the core design principles in mind.

Work Experience

Aug 2021 - Present

Jan 2021 - Jul 2021

Oct 2020 - Dec 2020

Cogno AI - UI UX Designer 2

I am a Product Designer and UI/UX Designer with proven experience in designing Chatbot, Livechat, Campaign Products. I have proficiency in design tools like Figma and Sketch which enables me to create captivating interfaces that are both user-friendly and aesthetically pleasing. Worked closely with Product Owners, Business teams, and Engineers to bring experiences to life.

Skills: User Interface (UI)· Product Design · User Experience (UX) · Design Thinking · Visual Design · Interaction Design · Design System · Style Guides · Prototyping · Information Architecture · Usability Testing · Agile Methodologies · Figma (Software) · Wireframing · Communication · Problem Solving · Time Management · Typography · Layout · Imagery · Color · Web Interface Design · Branding & Identity · Confluence

Kloudone - UI/UX Designer

During this period, I worked as a UI/UX designer at Kloudlearn, a subsidiary of the parent company Kloudone, where I was deeply involved in creating and designing their Edtech app from the ground up for both iOS and Android platforms. I employed design thinking to enhance the app's user journey, produced illustrations and videos for digital marketing using the company's style guide, and utilized Figma to design our SAAS products. One of my achievements was boosting platform functionality by analyzing user journeys, leading to a notable 30% rise in user engagement.

Skills: User Interface (UI)· User Experience (UX) · Mobile Application Design · Design System · Prototyping · Usability Testing · Agile Methodologies · Figma (Software) · Wireframing · Communication · Problem Solving · Time Management · Typography · Layout · Color · A/B Testing · Web Interface Design · Branding & Identity · Adobe Creative Cloud · Material Design guidelines · Human Interface Guidelines

ShareChat - UI UX Design Intern

During my internship, I actively participated in the design process for the Moj App and took on a co-leadership role in developing the Moj App's design system. Additionally, I had the opportunity to conduct design testing. This invaluable experience significantly enhanced my skills in utilizing Figma, Framer, and UI/UX design tools.

Skills: User Interface (UI) · Mobile Application Design · Design System · Usability Testing · Framer(Software)· Figma (Software) · Wireframing· Material Design guidelines · Human Interface Guidelines 


Feb 2023 -Jul 2023

2008 - 2012

PG Certification in Visual Design and User Experience  - IIT Hyderabad

I completed a Post Graduation Certification in Visual Design and User Experience, gaining extensive knowledge of design principles, honing various design skills, and crafting user-centric interfaces. The program provided a comprehensive understanding of UX design, and information architecture, and allowed collaboration on real-world projects with peers and industry mentors.

Bachelor of Engineering

I completed my Bachelor's degree with a specialization in Computer Science Engineering. This course helped me in developing my foundation in technology and design and provided me with the skills to create effective visual communication.

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Explore my skills, creativity, and passion for innovative solutions. Let's connect and shape the future of digital experiences together!

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